Frank Caruso’s Designing Process

About Our Logo

Our logo was created by the artist and writer Frank Caruso. He is the Vice President of Creative Services for King Features and an Emmy-Award winning illustrator. Below he speaks of the designing process in creating the LDICP logo.


“In designing the logo for the Legislative Drafting Institute for Child Protection, we wanted the image to reflect the tone of the organization. It also needed to visually communicate the importance of the work to be done, which is, ultimately, protecting children."


"The pen nib reflects the legislation that the institute will generate in the name of child protection. After researching pen nibs, we found that there were some designs where the vent hole looked like a silhouette of a person. Taking advantage of the negative space, we turned our vent hole into a child with arms raised in celebration. With a strong tone of blue, the logo speaks to the work, the goals, and the strength of the Legislative Drafting Institute for Child Protection.”


- Frank Caruso